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Hair Wars Beyond the Galaxy Stylist & Barber Competition
Sunday, September 17, 2023 | Madam Walker Legacy Center

This is a show of total look and fantasy for the future! The Competition will allow the professional stylist and barbers to be as creative as their abilities will allow. Make-up and clothes must compliment the hairstyle. Creative design is appreciated by the professional stylist for its technical and artistic application and not designed for commercial value. Take your look to 2030 and beyond and show us what the future of fantasy looks like!

Stylists and models will be provided complimentary entrance to the Madam Walker Legacy Center on Saturday, Sept 16th, 2023 ONLY! Complimentary tickets will be provided to the stylists and models prior to the day of the show. 

Grand Prize:  $2,500.00                                     Second Place:  $1,500.00                                     Third Place:  $1,000

Hair Show Schedule for Saturday Sept. 16

stylists, barbers and models must arrive by 4:00 PM

Showtime: 7:00PM-9:00PM

Hair Show Rules

  1. The show is open to any licensed professional cosmetologist and barber stylist

  2. Each stylist must complete a registration form and pay a fee of $25.

  3. Make-up and clothes must compliment the hairstyle. Remember, this is a hair and beauty show.

  4. Stylists are limited to 1 model.

  5. Participant slots are limited. Applications will be taken on a first-come, first-serve basis.

  6. All stylists and models agree that any and all photos may be used by IHSE for advertisement.

  7. Contestants and models may work as a team. Both may do the make-up. No other assistanceallowed i.e. make-up artist. No one else is allowed in the preparation area but the contestant and model.

  8. Judging will be done on a visual basis.

  9. This is a Total Look Competition. Judging will include hair, clothing, make-up, nails, and accessories.Entries will be judged on the total appearance of the Total Fantasy Look.

  10. Report to the competition area with the model's hair molded, prepped and ready to complete thefinished look. There will be no shampoo bowls or hair dryers on site.

  11. Any hair coloring is acceptable. Hair weave and accessories may be used in the competition.

  12. The stylist must sign and submit an official entry application and the required fee. In doing so, thestylist agrees to abide by the decisions of the judges. The SPONSORS RESERVE THE RIGHT to cancelor limit the number of competitors. There must be a maximum of 15 contestants. If there are not 15contestants at the start of the competition prizes and money will be negotiated. No refunds or exchangesfor any competition.

  13.  The International 30-Point System of scoring will be used for the selection of winners.

  14. The Chair of Judges scores will be used to break any ties.

  15. No nudity or provocative performance allowed.

Attn: Arthur Harris c/o Indy Hair Show Extravaganza | Email:

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